You probably know someone, a neighbor, friend, church member, or work associate who you could name right now who does not have the resources for the medical care they need. The Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center is a community, faith based, free medical clinic that serves uninsured and underserved adults in the Greater Columbus and Northland area. We provide health care, health education, medical referral, social service, and spiritual guidance. We find medication assistance for those in need of help. We refer patients for vision care through the Lions Club and refer patients for dental care. We need your helping hands to provide this service. We often have a long waiting list of people who need to see a doctor. Additional physicians would allow us to see a greater number of those whose health needs are not being met. More Volunteers nurses, pharmacists, social workers, computer programmers, clerical workers, prayer and support counselors are needed as clinic staff. Training is offered to all volunteers. Financial support is provided through donations from individuals, churches, businesses and grants for the operational expenses of the clinic. We are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. Other donations come from those who have the heart for helping others and their health needs. The need for these services is growing. Help us by raising awareness of our clinic in your community. We also need your prayers to guide us and provide for those in need of health resources. If you or your church would like to volunteer or make a donation, please fill out the pledge card and contact:

Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center
1421 Morse Road
Columbus, OH  43229
Phone: 614-262-5094
Email: info@helpinghandsfreeclinic.org



The Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center, Inc. opened our doors on April 20, 2007. Since opening the clinic, we have seen and are following over 1500 patients. We average 45 patients every clinic with the assistance of usually three medical doctors and several nurses. The patients come to the clinic from 42 different zip codes throughout the central Ohio area from ten different counties. Almost all of the patients are in the age range of 18-64 years old. The majority of the patients have graduated from high school or college. Over 67% of the patients are at or below the 0-100% of the poverty level. The clinic provides services to patients who are at or below the 200% poverty level. The ethnicity of the patients who come to the clinic include 46% are African-American, 45% are White and 9% are Hispanic, Asian or Somalia.

The services that the clinic has provided include routine medical examinations including work and school related physicals, diabetes and hypertension screenings and treatment, laboratory services, prescriptions services, health instructions, referrals to specialty clinics and social service agencies and spiritual guidance. The Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center depends on the support of individuals, churches, businesses and grants for the operational expenses of the clinic. The clinic continues to reach out for support. Every gift helps get patients back to work, to school, or to caring for their families. Any gift of time, talent or financial support will make an impact on the quality of health care for those who need the services of the Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center. One of the clients expressed her gratitude for the services of the clinic by saying, “You have made a huge positive difference in my life and are helping me to get better and back to being a productive, happy, self-sufficient person.”

The Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center is a member of the Ohio Association of Free Clinics and The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics

Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization

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