Helping Hands has been a “Life Saving” place for me. I have been coming for a very long time. During a recent time, I started to feel very bad. I came to the clinic and explained my symptoms to the doctor, she referred me to a heart doctor, at an associated clinic, who set me up with surgery. It repaired my heart. After surgery I started to feel like myself again. I am well.

If Helping Hands Clinic were not here, I am sure I would have not gotten the help that I needed. And most likely would not be alive today. I am grateful and thankful for all those who volunteer. All of the volunteers are just wonderful.

Patient at Helping Hands Clinic
Helping Hands has provided me with yearly blood pressure check-ups, blood work and blood pressure medication.

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without their help. No money for doctors’ visits and no money for expensive meds. I am so thankful for their kind services.

Patient at Helping Hands Free Clinic
I am from Canton and I do not have a doctor or insurance. I am enrolled in the AZ & me program and need prescriptions and paperwork filled out to send in for my meds. So I came to Helping Hands. If Helping Hands Clinic was not here I probably would have gone to an ER or an Urgent Care and pay whatever the fee was. -Patient Michele Rangel
Patient Michele Rangel
I came to the clinic because I was diabetic. The clinic helped me get on meds and control my diabetes. I also have had body pain that the clinic helped me to feel better.

If Helping Hands was not here, I would not have had anywhere to go and would have just stayed home. I would still feel bad.

Patient at Helping Hands Free Clinic
I was employed for eight years at a Pharmaceutical Company and I moved out of state. I’ve been having a hard time with employment and with insurance. Helping Hands is a good place to come, if you can’t get or do not have health insurance. If it wasn’t for Helping Hands, I couldn’t get the medications I need.

I really don’t know what I would do if Helping Hands was not here. …

Patient James “Lloyd” Williams
I had a very serious health issue, but was unable to afford a doctors visit – I am uninsured. I was searching the internet for ideas and came across Helping Hands. This clinic has truly been a Godsend. I am able to get prescriptions and to monitor my health. I am doing well.

If Helping Hands weren’t available, I would not be able to get any prescriptions for my blood pressure and diabetes. I would be in real jeopardy. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that this clinic is here.

Patient Tawana

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