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June Newsletter - Here We Come!

Don't miss all the news and updates coming from our clinic!


Executive Director Report

Another month has passed and our community continues to face challenges, both new and old. I continue to pray for health and wellness in our community. However, given recent events, more prayers have been added to my list. I pray for equality, kindness, sympathy, understanding, peace, justice, and love for all.

Love is what I'll choose to dwell on here. The love for our patients and their care is the driving force behind our work. And while the work has paused, the love has not. The staff members are now back in the clinic, working tirelessly to redesign the clinic's layout, to transform operations, and to create a safer clinic environment, all with reliability in mind.

We want to be a stable, reliable presence for our patients. That is our vision. And while we do not know what the exact clinic picture looks like, we focus on this vision.

We, once again, need your help with this vision. We do not yet have a reopening date, but we are working towards it. We have a brighter, clearer path than ever before. However, we need you to fill out our clinic survey once more. By answering these questions, you'll help guide us to a safe and reasonable reopening date. I cannot thank you enough for taking our survey.

Please consider helping our clinic by taking this survey:

Thank you again for your patience.



In Support of Bishop Brennan

Bishop Brennan made the following remarks recently. We support Bishop Brennan and hope that his words guide our community through these difficult times:

“As people of faith in God, we must be totally committed to eradicating racism and encouraging all our neighbors to peace toward people of every race, creed, and color. The path of peace will lead us toward bringing an end to everything that is contradictory to the call to love God and neighbor. I invite all in our community here in central Ohio to join together in this effort to forge a path built with the pavers of justice and reverence for every human life toward a harmony that allows us to enjoy a peaceful future for our children and for all ages to come.”


The Big Give

The Columbus Foundation's The Big Give Initiative is taking place starting at 10 AM on June 10th and ending at 10:59 AM on June 11th.

Not familiar with The Big Give?!

The Big Give is a 25-hour GIVING PALOOZA where all online financial donations received through The Columbus Foundation receive a match. This match provides a boost for your donation and for the work we're able to do for our patients!!

Please consider donating to us here:

on Wednesday, June 10th after 10 AM.


TB Skin Testing is Back!

While our clinic is not ready to reopen our Thursday clinic, we do have some good news!

This Tuesday, June 2nd the staff members offered the first TB skin testing day! After reshuffling the clinic and practicing some new procedures, we executed the first TB skin testing day since the onset of COVID-19. With this successful TB skin testing day under our belts, the clinic now feels ready to offer TB skin testing on a weekly basis.

Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center offers TB skin testing on Tuesdays from 10 AM to 12:30 PM with TB readings taking place on Thursdays from 1 PM to 3 PM!

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