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Free Clinic Hours:
Tuesday 8AM–Full
Thursday 3PM–Full
TB Skin Test:
Tuesday 11AM–1PM


Get Involved

With only 5 part-time staff, Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center relies on our volunteers to give patients the quality care they need. Additional volunteer physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and social workers allow us to see a greater number of those whose health needs are not being met.

Please note: As we are a healthcare institution, we welcome volunteers age 18 and older.

Social Worker

Joining the Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center team as a medical volunteer can…

Remind you why you went to medical, pharmacy, or nursing school

Provide you with professional fulfillment.

Lead to enhanced relationships with clinic patients.

Continue your connection to medicine after retirement.

Give you the opportunity to mentor students.

Helping Hands volunteer

Non-Medical Needs

While we need medical volunteers, non-medical volunteers help us to keep the whole operation running smoothly. We need non-medical volunteers as…

Patient Guides

Registration and Check-Out Volunteers

TB Clinic Assistant

We appreciate all the volunteers who donate their skills and time at Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center.  If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Volunteer Interest Form below.

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