We have a great need for volunteers as Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center only has 4 staff and, as a result, is primarily volunteer-run.  Additional volunteer physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and social workers would allow us to see a greater number of those whose health needs are not being met.  Joining the Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center team as a medical volunteer can...

  • Remind you why you went to medical/pharmacy/nursing school – to help people.​

  • Provide you with professional fulfillment.

  • Lead to enhanced relationships with clinic patients.

  • Build confidence in your training/skills.

  • Continue your connection to medicine after retirement.

  • Give you the opportunity to mentor students.


While we need medical volunteers, non-medical volunteers help us to keep the whole operation running smoothly. We need non-medical volunteers as...

  • Greeters/Check-In Attendants

  • Registration Volunteers

  • Non-Medical Assistants

  • Spiritual Guidance Advisers

Regardless of the volunteer position, all volunteers are required to participate in a mandatory volunteer orientation.  This is to ensure that all of our volunteers are trained properly and ready to serve our patients!  We appreciate all the volunteers who donate their skills and time at Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center.


As we are a healthcare institution, we welcome volunteers age 18 and older.  If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the Volunteer Application below and email it to Allison Smith at  You are also welcome to call us at 614-262-5094 to schedule a tour of the clinic and discuss the variety of opportunities to serve.

Please note: at this time, we have a waitlist for college/university undergraduate volunteers.  We are not accepting new undergraduate volunteers at this time.  Please reach back out to us in the Spring of 2022 if you are still interested in volunteering with us.

Volunteer Handbook

Clinic Workflow

General Volunteer Application

Medical Provider Volunteer Application

Emergency Guidelines